Know what makes wedding celebrations un-Islamic

In Islam, a wedding is a momentous occasion, bringing joy and togetherness to families as they celebrate the union of two souls. It is considered a blessing from Allah.

However, it is essential to remember that these celebrations should be conducted in an Islamic way, as guided by the Quran and the traditions of the Prophet. Unfortunately, there are some rituals associated with weddings that are deemed un-Islamic. Some of them are:

Dowry – A cultural practice, not Islamic

One of the most significant un-Islamic practices associated with weddings is the concept of dowry. This custom involves demanding or accepting a significant sum of money from the bride’s parents.

Shariah does not make it obligatory for the bride or her parents to bear any such expenses. In Islam, it is the responsibility of the bridegroom’s side to bear the costs, as he is the leader of the family unit. The bride is free to bring any dresses or articles she desires, which will always belong to her.


Music is a vibrant part of many cultures, but in Islam, it is prohibited. The playing of music during wedding celebrations goes against the principles of the faith.

It is considered to be a source of distraction.

Firecrackers – Wasteful and harmful

The tradition of burning firecrackers to announce the arrival of the bridegroom is not only un-Islamic but also wasteful and harmful to the environment.

Islam encourages responsible and sustainable practices, making this a clear violation of its teachings.

Non-Islamic tradition of Jumagis

In some post-marriage scenarios, certain Fridays are considered occasions for celebration. Parents of the bride are expected to organize grand feasts for the family of the bridegroom. This tradition, known as “Jumagis,” has no basis in Islamic Sharia. While it may be a cultural practice, it is essential to distinguish it from the true Islamic teachings.

Wedding celebrations are meant to be moments of joy and unity, but it is crucial to ensure that these festivities align with Islamic principles.

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  24th October, 2023