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Muslim Matrimonial has never been so simple, try our Marriage Assist Services tools to choose from our wide range of certified vendors which provide best in class services. Muslim Matrimony simplified.

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Mohammed & Moona

Registered at SiasatMatri for my daughter & within days we started getting proposals from Hyderabad & Abroad. We are really happy that we registered with Siasat Matri!

Ahmed & Farheen

We are an Expat family living in the states, SiasatMatri's Team was honest & sincere. We found our match in a few weeks time but quite effortlessly. SiasatMatri keep up the good work!

Yahya & Iqra

We were recommended SaisatMatri by friends who have used the service before and have been hearing a lot about them since years now. Our family really wanted to try SiasatMatri and within a few weeks after registering on the website we found each other. We really recommend.... Read More

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15 Years  Experience

15 Years Experience

We are 100% Secure & South India's Number 1 Muslim Matrimonial service for over 15 years.

5000+ Real  Weddings

5000+ Real Weddings

Every wedding is unique and has a special story. Share all the details of your special moments.

Certified  Wedding Vendors

Certified Wedding Vendors

Choose from our range of vendors & enjoy a hassle free wedding

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