How to Edit your Profile on Siasat Muslim Matrimony Website

Edit & Complete your profile & help us recommend matches based on your preferences. If your profile is complete the system & the staff will match & recommend other users based on your likes, dislikes. Muslim Matrimony Simplified! 

It is a known fact that the information which is entered during registration is bound to change over a period of time. If it has please follow the steps below:

All the details except email id can be changed by following the below steps

  1. Login into your siasatmatri account by entering the registered email id and password
  2.  Once logged in, the details can be edited by clicking on ‘my profile’ link under ‘profile’ menu.
  3.  After clicking on ‘my profile’ link, a new page will open wherein the details can be edited by clicking on ‘edit’ link on the right hand side of the page.
  4.  After entering the updated data, click on ‘submit’ button.

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  30th December, 2020