How safe are Muslim Matrimony websites?

It’s a question which has been asked over & over again, but the answer is quite obvious, like everything pertaining to technology it can used for good & bad. Muslim Matrimonial or Muslim Matrimony websites has been around for quite some time and we all have heard about numerous singles who have silently found a life partner without a hitch & in some exceptional case some have had a bad experience. So the question is really which is the right Muslim Matrimony website for me?

For any Muslim Matrimony & community matrimonial website it takes a lot of effort from the company to create and maintain a safe environment for the user, proper steps need to be taken by Matrimonial website to ensure that security and scrutiny is maintained from the time the user create a profile till it is closed, even after the user has closed the profile it needs to be deleted from the system in full. A regular review of suspicious activity on every account should be done on a regular basis to find & remove any fraudulent users who are not serious Matrimony seekers.

At Siasat Matri Hyderabad which is premiere Muslim Matrimony website and has been around for more than a decade now has been providing a safe environment to search for a life partner. Siasat Matri believes in having a safe environment where people can browse profiles without having to worry about data being lost, stolen or contact being shared with any fraudulent users. That is why like no other Muslim Matrimony in India we personally verify each new registration. It is lengthy process but every mobile number is verified by OTP just like a Bank OTP in addition to the users email being verified with a final verification call conducted by the Siasat Matri verification team to ensure all profile go through a strict verification process. This is mandatory process to register at Siasat Matri & also becomes the foundation for safety for all other users in the system.

Siasat Matri are relied upon & revered as Hyderabad’s best Muslim Matrimony providing Muslim Matrimonial Services that even the best in person Muslim marriage bureau are unable to provide. Siasat Matri has gone through multiple changes with the latest one as a complete overhaul of the website & mobile website with a soon to released Mobile application for Android & iOS which will be more safer than any other version before with automation to check the safety of user information at all times with a team of people keeping a track of Female profiles which are the most prone to threats.  

Muslim Matrimony provided by Siasat Matri is considered the safest Muslim Matrimonial service website available in India which why it has lasted more than a decade and half and will continue to grow and prosper in the future with thousands more in success stories in coming years.

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  6th October, 2020