Du-Ba-Du & Siasat Matri Schedules Release Of Episode 12 of Muslim Matrimony Video series on June 13

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Hyderabad: Siasat Matri, Muslim matrimonial website based in Hyderabad in collaboration with Du-ba-Du is going to release episode 12 of the video matrimonial series on Sunday, June 13 to help prospective brides and groom in finding their life partner. 

You can view the previous Episode 11 on Siasat Muslim Matrimony, making Nikah simplified for single muslim everywhere.

In the episode, profiles of engineers, doctors, NRIs, businessmen, and others will be made available. It can be watched at 3 p.m. on Sunday on YouTube Channel (Click Here) from the comfort of the homes. 

For those who are still unaware of the video matrimonial series, ever since the release of first episode of the series, it has helped many alliance seekers in finding their life partner. 

Even persons who are looking for second marriages are finding the video matrimonial series beneficial as they are getting tremendous response. 

As one can see in the below video, the profiles and their basic details along with the requirements have been showcased.

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  11th June, 2021