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Note: I am currently in the process of applying for H1B visa in 2019, inshaAllah. Therefore, I will not be able to travel to India until at least August 2019, inshaAllah. Due to this reason, I am looking for proposals of girls currently living in United States who are born and raised either in Hyderabad, India or Gulf countries. Here is some info about me, my family, and my preferences: I am from Hyderabad, India. I did B.E. in Information Technology from Deccan College of Engineering in 2011 and have received a gold medal for achieving highest academic standing in the B.E. IT program Alhamdulillah. I have done Masters in Computer Science from University of Toledo (Ohio, USA) in 2014. I currently reside in Tallahassee, Florida and work for one of the departments of the State of Florida as a Software Developer. I am also pursuing MBA online while working full time. My father is a retired government employee and mother is a homemaker. I have one elder sister and two elder brothers. Sister is a dentist and works in her own clinic in India. Both brothers are doctors. One works in Dayton, Ohio and the other is doing fellowship in Nephrology from University of Michigan. I am the youngest one in my family and also the only Engineer among siblings :). I was raised in a religious environment in Hyderabad, Alhamdulillah! I do not claim that I am a fully practicing Muslim, but I try my best to be a good and practicing Muslim. I try to balance between Deen and Duniya, and Career and Family and will continue to do so, inshaAllah. I like family gatherings and love to explore new places, and visit theme parks etc. IMPORTANT NOTE: Besides working as a Software professional, I am involved in the efforts of Dawah and Tabligh, and have an intention to continue doing this effort to rectify myself and bring in good qualities and Sunnah's in myself and others, inshaAllah. VISA STATUS IN USA: I am working on an employment authorization, called OPT/CPT, that every international student gets after graduation. I am in the process of applying for H1-B job visa in April 2019 inshaAllah. PARTNER PREFERENCES: I am looking for the one who is a practicing Muslimah, balances Deen and Duniya, wears Hijab, and differentiates between Halal and Haram. One who is well educated, family oriented, and who can balance between family and career and shall pursue a career (if necessary) within religious limits. Looking for someone who is friendly, generous, fun loving, and soft spoken in nature.

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Badruddin Ahmed
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