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Assalam alaikum I am a 31 years old Sunni Muslim divorced woman. A Doctor by profession and mom to a 4 year old adorable boy. Working as a Physician and pursuing MRCP(UK) simultaneously.I plan to move to UAE in a year or so however thats something flexible as of now. Brought up in Saudi Arabia and studied Medicine from India. Presently I am living with my parents and son in Hyderabad since 3 years. I was married previously for 2.5 years and sadly that marriage didn't work out and I had to initiate khula for various reasons which I and my parents will share with you once we feel that we have compatibility. I have nothing to hide in that regard. Every woman plans and works for a happy married life but it always takes two to make a marriage.One cannot just be in the relationship, one needs to bring value to it.I was let down ,lied to n had my heart broken along the way. You should be willing to understand, take out time to listen to me and be open to seeing things from my perspective. I am a kind, trustworthy,rational,down-to-earth person and dislike extravagance. I don't say that I am a perfect Muslim but I do make efforts to pray five times a day,read Quran daily, fast,give zakat and observe hijab. (This isn't something to boast ,typing it down so that you can get a better idea as to what I am looking for) I am thankful to Allah swt for giving me hidayah Allhumdulillah n I keep making dua to him to make my heart steadfast on his deen always. I know how to cook (though i dont know how to make proper rotis ) look after the house and husband's needs very well Allhumdulillah & I believe that these things aren't something to look down upon.But I am not as passionate about cooking as I am about my studies.I believe that anything done for the sake of Allah swt automatically puts barakah in it.But I am weary of men who think that a wife's place is only n only in the kitchen or in cleaning bathrooms,washing n ironing his clothes,serving his parents n making his breakfast. And if she falls short in any of these duties then she's less respectful or less lovable as a wife or a human. If you and your family keep this kind of thinking please refrain from getting in touch with me.Jazak Allah khairan. I like: To look after things at home, in terms of organisation and cleanliness.I keep track of the news and current affairs though not much interested in watching any kinds of sports as such. Looking after myself and working out is an important part of my daily routine. To spend quite evenings along the beach n just talk over simple stuff. Rain n Pleasant breezy weather. Ice cream,sea food n chocolates. Little gestures make me more happy than expensive gifts. I am not particularly interested in your money but that doesn't mean I want a broke or lazy man. I am just saying that my reason for loving a man has nothing to do with how much money he makes. I will love him for the way he treats me. I am the kind of woman who will stand by you even if you lose everything job,house, car ,career ...once I get to know by your thinking ,actions and conduct that you are a strong man and you will never give up and lose yourself in the process.It's actions and not words that matter to me.You are what you do n not what you say you will do. I would love to travel places with that special someone...but I suffer from motion sickness and that makes me avoid long distance flights and I hate airports. I wish,pray and plan to perform Hajj with my son n future spouse in the future.In sha Allah. I destress by talking to a good friend,going out shopping or spending time playing with my son. My biggest destressor is getting up for tahajjud whenever possible n talking to n sharing my concerns ,worries n sorrows with Allah swt. And I am forever grateful to Allah for bestowing this favor upon me. If you are not in the habit of getting up fr tahajud once in a while....do try it. It works like magic. When I am upset I use silence as a means of communication. It conveys my emotions more strongly than any words. I am not too much into movies or songs. Tbh I was never pretty much interested in watching the filth that goes on these days. A good neat decent movie once in a while is pretty OK with me. I have a wheatish complexion n I consider myself pretty Allhumdulillah. Men and families who keep their criteria for a girl to be v.fair, v.v fair, v.v.v fair etc, please don't bother contacting me. I don't respect your thinking. AIso I wouldnt be interested in getting to know a man whose thinking is as shallow as that. I do wear hijab when am out and about and it's something i would choose to continue wearing In sha Allah after marriage too. So if that's an issue for anybody - Sorry..But no can do! I want to enjoy the feeling of being loved, respected ,challenged, supported and experience the emotional security that can only come from an unwavering commitment and a strong ,healthy, unconditional ,understanding, halal relationship. If you feel like you can get along real well with me and are genuinely looking to get married, do express interest/message me. :) Jazak Allah khairan katheeran for taking out the time to read!

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