How to Search on Siasat Muslim Matrimony Website

How to Search on using only your mobile or any desktop.

Search through ID, Keyword or Quick Search Function

Muslim Matrimony Simplified!

In order to search desired profiles on siasatmatri, alliance seekers have to use one of the four searches viz., keyword search, id search, quick search, advanced search.


In keyword and id search, only one field is required to be filled up to perform the search whereas, in quick and advanced search, profile seekers have to fill a number of fields to perform the search.


It becomes tedious task to fill same data every time. In order to avoid it, the website has an option to save the search for future use.


In this way, alliance seekers can save their search criteria and in future, the profile based on the criteria can be viewed with a single click.


Steps to save search


  1.  Login into the siasatmatri account using registered email id and password.
  2. In order to perform search based on your requirement, enter required data in the quick or advanced search form.
  3. At the end, instead of clicking on ‘search’ button, click on ‘save and search’ button in order to save the search criteria.
  4. The next time when you want to search profile based on the saved criteria, click on ‘my saved search’ under ‘search’ menu.

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  14th December, 2020