Du-Ba-Du & SiasatMatri Presents Episode 4 of the Video Matrimony Series on Feb 28

Muslim Matrimony, Rishtey Made SImple Fast By SiasatMatri!

Du-Ba-Du, Siasat Matri: Episode 4 of Muslim matrimony video series to be released on Feb 28 

Get ready to embark on the journey called ‘marriage’ as Du-ba-Du and Siasat Matri, best Muslim matrimony based in Hyderabad are back with yet another episode of video series. The episode 4 will be released on Sunday, February 28. 

Since January 17, the date when the first episode of the series was released, it has gained a lot of popularity. It helped many persons from various countries of the world in finalizing their matrimonial alliances. 

The next live video can be watched on YouTube (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuRvfDjDnU8u1OK6I64xnMw) at 3 p.m. on February 28. So set your reminders to avail the opportunity to find right life partner.

In the episodes, profiles of engineers, doctors, NRIs, businessmen and others will be made available.

How Siasat Matri Matrimonial video series work?

In every episode, basic details along with the expectations of 70-80 profile from both Siasat Matri and Du-ba-Du will be made available.

While watching the episodes, alliance seekers need to note down the SM numbers and login into their Siasat Matri accounts to view the complete details of the profile.

The one who has not yet registered on Siasat Matri can visit the website (https://siasatmatri.com/) and register for free. The registration can also be done through matrimony app. 

To know the steps to register, the ‘how to’ video can be watched (https://www.siasatmatri.com/blog).

Muslims who got divorced or looking for second marriage can also register their profile on the website. 

For any assistance, talk to Siasat Matri team by dialling +917207524803 or +917207244144 or +919550494556.

In the episodes, the complete details of the Du-ba-Du profiles will be made available in the video itself.

How episodes are helping alliance seekers

On the one hand, the members of the Siasat Matri will be able to access complete details of the profiles made available in the episode, on the other, their profiles too will be showcased in the video resulting in the wide publicity of the alliance seekers. 

Persons whose profiles were showcased in the earlier episodes received a tremendous response. They received a lot of calls from the alliance seekers.

So, what are you waiting for? You’re profile can also grab a lot of attention. Take your first step today to meet your better half. Register on the website (Here) and then select one of the plans (Here) .

The Episodes will Premiere on Sundays of every month at 3:00 PM. Please subscribe to our Channel (Click Here) to get regular notifications on all future releases of the Muslim Matrimony Video Series.

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For any assistance, talk to Siasat Matri team by dialing +917207524803 or +917207244144 or +919550494556.  

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  25th February, 2021